47 Ronin 2013 Review:

The movie starts with the scenes of a young teenage boy running through the woods, he falls down & becomes unconscious, later he is found by a group of samurai’s when a samurai tries to kill the boy identifying that the boy is a non human he is stopped by Lord Asano the Lord of the region. Lord Asano decides to keep the boy with him, the boy grows up to become Kai (Keanu Reeves), who lives with them as a outcast, Kai also falls in love with Mika daughter of Lord Asano. During a hunt Kai kills a monster a non realistic creature but since Kai killed the creature with Yasuno’s sword everyone thinks Yasuno has killed the creature, but Oishi chief counselor of Lord Asano sees the blood of the creature in Kai’s hand. During the hunt Kai notices a white wolf with odd eyes both the eyes of that wolf were of different color. The white wolf goes to Lord Kira & turns to a human form revealing that it’s a witch.
Lord Asano is visited by Lord Kira who is the Shogun’s master of ceremonies, Lord Kira becomes attracted to Mika but above that he also wants to rule Lord Asano’s Region as well. Lord Kira arranges a duel match between one of Asano’s samurai & a fighter of Lord Kira, for the visiting Shogun Tokugawa. Before the fight when Kai wanders around the place to see the same white wolf with odd eyes in the castle, he goes to Yasuno’s tent who is the one to be fighting in the duel & finds that yasuno is under the spell of the Witch Mizuki who works for Lord Kira. Since it will be a great shame for Lord Asano in front of the Shogun Tokugawa, Kai gets into Yasuno’s samurai armor & goes to the duel, there Kai faces a inhuman super full metal armored 7 feet tall samurai, called the “Lovecraftian Samurai”, during the fight Kai’s helmet gets removed from a blow from the Lovecraftian Samurai, just as the LC samurai is about to kill Kai who is on the ground, the Shogun stops the match, Shogun says that Kai is not a samurai, & orders Lord Asano to punish Kai, Oishi removes Kai’s samurai armor & beat him to the ground, later that night Witch Mizuki uses her spell on Lord Asano while he was asleep, Lord Asano wakes up with a illusion created by the witch, he sees that Lord Kira is trying to rape Mika, Asano attacks Kira with his sword & when other people gather around they see Asano with a sword trying to kill Lord Kira who was unarmed, Oishi looks at Lord Asano & figures out that he is under some spell coz of his eyes, the next morning Shogun Tokugawa tells Lord Asano that he will be executed for attacking one of Shogun’s senior official Lord Kira while he was asleep & unarmed, but keeping in view the good work of Lord Asano in the past Shogun grants Asano the right to take his own life instead of being executed like a criminal. When Oishi talks to Asano that he was under a spell & all this is Lord Kira’s work Asano tells him that he has not choice but to die for the honor of his region, Asano tells Oishi to take care of his Mika after him, Later Asano goes ahead with “Seppuku” a traditional Japanese suicide process, in front of Shogun, after Asano dies Shogun declares that he does not wants any more bloodshed over the two regions & hence declares Oishi & his samurai’s as “Ronin” meaning Samurai’s without Master, he also tells Oishi that he is forbidden to avenge the death of Asano, Lord Kira asks to marry Mika but Shogun grants her a mourning period of a year until that time she will stay with Lord Kira but as a Guest treated with utmost respect, Lord Kira fears that Oishi is very loved & famous among his people so he cannot be left alone, he sends Oishi to a Underground prison, & sends kai away too,
A year later Oishi is released from his prison, he goes back to his home & asks his son Chikara to help him reunite his samurais, Oishi then goes to the Dutch colony of Dejima, where Kai was sold as a slave, Kai there fights in a arena as a fighter, when Oishi reaches there Kai is fighting a little abnormal heavy weight fighter Kai kills him & attacks Oishi too, when Oishi tells him that he needs his help to save mika who will be married to Lord Kira soon, Kai & Oishi fights there way out of there, later they meet up with the rest of the samurais, but they don’t have any weapons so Oishi gives his own sword to one of his samurai & promises to bring more sword, they travel to the village of the master sword makers but find that Lord kira has already destroyed the village, in desperation Oishi is lead to the Tengu forest by Kai who says that there they can find the best weapons ever build. All the samurais reach Tengu forest a mythical magical forest where Kai used to live & train as a child, they come to a the entrance of a place which is a gigantic face of a statue, Kai & Oishi goes inside leaving the others behind, inside they find the mythical monks praying, Kai tells Oishi not to draw his sword at any cost & goes to another room alone, where he faces his former master & trainer, Oishi sees a illusion that his men have come in looking for him & as one of them draws the sword being scared of the monks, the monks attack them, they are getting killed coz the monks have magical powers & they fight inhumanly with magical speed, but Oishi does not draws his sword, Kai on the other hand tries to convince his master to allow him to take weapons for his war, when given a offer to duel with his master, Kai uses his superhuman magical speed to defeat his master, pleased by this his master allows Kai to take the Tengu Swords,
As they gather more info about Lord Kira’s region they come to know that Lord Kira visit’s a Shrine for blessings, also that he will make a journey there soon to take blessings for his wedding, the Ronin plans to attack him there, but Mizuki comes to know of that plan when she meets a Samurai disguised as a human servant girl, the Ronin are ambushed by Mizuki, LC Samurai & her warriors & many of Oishi’s men die, but Kai & Oishi survives the attack, Mizuki finds Oishi’s sword & thinks that Oishi is dead but Oishi’s sword was with another samurai & Oishi used Tengu sword, Mizuki returns with the news to his Kira, later she tells Mika about this & passes a knife to her provoking her to end her life,
Kai & Oishi plan what to do ahead, Kai sees a group of performers who he has saw earlier performing when Shogun Tokugawa visited their region, he talks to them & the group of performers agree to help them, Kai & Oishi gets inside Lord Kira’s castle as part of the performing group who are to perform for Lord Kira’s wedding, when the show starts remaining of Oishi’s men gets inside the castle silently killing Kira’s men, just as Oishi is about to attack Kira with his sword during the performance he is shot by a archer who survived the ronin attack, lord kira is taken to safety by his men & a war break outs in the castle, Mika attacks Kira with the knife that Mizuki gave her & escapes, the LC Samurai is killed by a gunpowder explosion, Kira fights Oishi & is killed by the knife that Asano killed himself with, Kai & Mika meet up but are attacked by Mizuki who turns to a dragon but is killed be Kai, Oishi comes out with Kira head, seeing this Kira’s men surrender to Oishi, With Mika they all return to their region,
When Shogun knows this, he comes around Shogun says that Oishi & his men have followed the path of samurai that is serving their master & avenge him, He says that Oishi & his men will not be executed as common criminals but will be given the chance to die in honor, also he gives them the honor of being buried around Asano, Kai tells Mika that he will never stop loving,
when the samurai prepare to commit suicide Shogun orders Chikara to step out, Shogan tells Oishi that he wants such a brave & noble blood line to continue. In the last scenes the 47 Ronin’s including Kai commits “Seppuku”.

Well the first thing Keanu looks better as a samurai compared to Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai He has got black hair & his beard suits him, coz Keanu is very calm looking he suits this role of a outcast who becomes a savior & dies performing hid duties, the movie has some decent Visual special FX, specially from the Witch, the fight scenes could have been better, the movie slows down a bit in the middle, the movie might appear a bit insensitive coz the good guys still have to die in the end but that’s the requirement of the story, the landscape & interior designing of this movie is nice, the monks vs. ronins fight scene is the best fight scene, the witch was the only one I felt interested in she suits her role nicely, her acting is nice her expressions & actions projects her as a witch nicely, Kira is a human & does not really leaves behind much impact, it’s a story about bravery & people following the principals of “Bushido”, the direction is okay, acting is okay, the music is okay not really good, the creativity in this movie is okay could have worked more with the superhuman fights though, the movie really shows the lives of the Ronin but not really focuses on the war, maybe that’s why 47 Ronin did not really did very well in box offices as well, the story is very simple a revenge style story, so there is nothing really to predict & anticipate, stories like these need more work & creativity coz everyone already knows what will happen, this is surely lacking in this movie, the costume design of this movie is okay not really good, if you a Keanu fan then you can watch this movie once on a Sunday afternoon, although don’t expect to get really entertained, a simple decent one time worth watching movie.
I will give this 3.7/10