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    What is link wheel?

    Can you explain me what is this link wheel?

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    Let`s say you started backlinking, You post the links to your site to websites like Digg, wordpress, hubpages...etc. Now google knows these sites way better than your site. When google see your link here, guess who gets promoted ? your site.

    That`s the easiest meaning of link wheel is.

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    Re: What is link wheel?

    Making a link wheel basically means building back links to your site, but, with a twist! A link wheel basically is a process in which you build a dozen or so new blogs/web pages using web 2.0 properties such as squidoo, blogger, hubpages and etc, all on the same topic as your main blog or website

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    Re: What is link wheel?

    Other words, link juice. And it means the credits you get from having links in other[URL=""]buy and sell[/URL]pages.
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    Re: What is link wheel?

    Link wheel is one of the method to get higher page ranking.It is one of the best method to create back link through link wheel. Link wheel is useful to create backlinks on permanent basis and also easy way. And link wheel is one of the effective method for creating Blog on different sites.And in link wheel our website link coming from the other website.

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    Re: What is link wheel?

    Quote Originally Posted by justin View Post
    Can you explain me what is this link wheel?
    Fo reasy understanding, link wheel is creating accounts to websites that would link to your site. These authority websites (2.0) would talk about a topic that are all related and pointing to your website. You will see its immediate effect after 2-3 weeks if you made a good wheel.

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    Re: What is link wheel?

    link wheel is one of the most powerful and most advanced methods for achieving a higher ranking. Linkwheels is basically a mini blog acreage in a sense. But, most people actually do it the wrong way. The purpose of the linkwheel is to get all the sites index, which in turn gets you more backlinks. Because if your backlink isn't index than it doesn't have a purpose.

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    Re: What is link wheel?

    The reason for the link to the next web 2.0 property is to increase the link juice going to each spoke - which, in turn goes back to your site.Simply because those new sites that we are building, are on web 2.0 and blogging platforms such as squidoo, hubpages and blogger, which are pretty established sites, and they are counted as authority sites by Google ad other search engines.

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    Re: What is link wheel?

    Link wheel means producing a back link to your site. Link wheel combines unique web 2.0 sites of high rank. By doing this we can increase targeted traffic and the rank of the website.

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    Re: What is link wheel?

    Simplified: You create tens or hundreds of blogs and micro-websites, write about 200 words of unique content and link back to your site and one other blog of yours.

    Think of it as a snowball rolling down a hill. Your fist blog transfers link juice to the next one, this one will now have more link juice than the first one and it will transfer its juice to your third blog. When you're at your hundred blog, it will be full of link juice and the link back to your site will be of great value.

    Hope this explains it

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