Attractive to a significant segment of the demographics for most customer profiles. It can effectively reach your target customer.
Faster and less expensive to conduct direct marketing campaigns (For example, an email campaign or online newsletter compared with traditional printing and direct-mail costs.
More economic to communicate via email, online chat, and video conferencing than long distance phone calls or toll-free numbers offered by your company
Measurable, which means that successes are identifiable and repeatable
Set up for real-time results monitor, and it can handle real-time tweaks and on the fly changes.
Open 24-hours a day, which means that even potential customers with insomnia can be reached at some point during the buying process
Targeted, allowing you to pinpoint using geography, contextual relevance, and other useful parameters to reach a very specifically defined audience
Continuously available, letting you give away whitepapers or free webinars to gather good sources of leads over time. Products with high price points and long sales cycles require many “touches” and follow-up with a potential customer
Cost-effective, in the long run. By adjusting your paid search campaigns to find which ads work best for different keywords, you reduce your ad spend and online efforts over time while maintaining or increasing the number of leads or purchases gained.
Going social, as more people share information among peers on websites like Facebook and LinkedIn , for business purposes. A recommendation from your friend or peer can go a long way towards closing a sale.