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Thread: PHP Loader

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    PHP Loader

    Where we download PHP loader.

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    Re: PHP Loader

    There are various PHP loaders, so it depends on what framework you mean.

    IonCube and YUI are both common so you could Google for them... Again, that may not be what you're after though.
    Any more information would help.

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    Re: PHP Loader

    yes. Lots of PHP loaders are available in internet. You can choose regarding your needs.

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    Re: PHP Loader

    i think ionCube is the best, you should definatly go for it

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    Re: PHP Loader

    The YUI PHP Loader is a server-side utility that can be used for loading YUI components and their dependencies via PHP. This utility is comparable to the YUI Loader, a client side loader that provides similar functionality in Javascript...............

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    Re: PHP Loader

    PHP Loader is a used to server-side that can be also used for loading YUI segments and their responsibility via PHP. This is also provide some similar client side tools using some script.

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    Re: PHP Loader

    This thing called as the PHP Loader is a used to server-side that can be correspondingly used for filling YUI segments and their accountability by means of PHP.
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    Re: PHP Loader

    Thank you for the posting

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