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    Signatures and SEO

    we put our site in signature...
    iS IT beneficial???????
    how it beneficial?
    Write the benefit step by step.......

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    7h3 Wh173 R4bb17
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    Re: Signatures and SEO

    How long does it take for the backlinks to show up? or does this depend on when Google indexes the site

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    Guest eurekapsycrille's Avatar

    Re: Signatures and SEO

    The only benefit that you can get from it is that you can increase the number of your backlinks. But if you are expecting to have a better ranking using signature links, you might be at the wrong side of the track.

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    Re: Signatures and SEO

    Here I would like to say, actually signature links are very useful for your websites because it helps in Attracting Traffic versus Increasing your Ranking. Using forum signature links then, when used on a number of forum sites, You can get the result from signature link if you will post on forum fairly and consistently.

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    Re: Signatures and SEO

    Forum signature links are the lowest quality backlinks you can get, seeing as how many you can get in such a short time.

    Doesn't matter if you have 1 signature link, or multiple..they will all get a "little" bit of juice.

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    Re: Signatures and SEO

    When you submit to as many article directories as you use the same author's bio, it does not matter, does not duplicate the problem, it is a myth. However, it is 5 to 10 times more than is recommended that you not use the article no one.
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    Re: Signatures and SEO

    Signatures with keywords and link of your site is useful to promote your site,get traffic and for the keyword ranking.

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    Re: Signatures and SEO

    Actually all the efforts boost your site and forum signature is just one of them, you can't be totally depends on this effort only. Forum's signature linking surely affect your keywords visibility in the search engine and increase your back links too. If you have one site or forum is giving you one link or you have more site and getting more links from the forum, you will get benefits sure from there.

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    Re: Signatures and SEO


    In forum the signature text should be a relevant and popular term related to the site. You can use different colors in your forum signature. Usually it is a good idea to highlight the keyword/link with color such as blue or red.

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    Re: Signatures and SEO

    Get backlinks as much as possible because it doesn't matter if you have 1 signature link, or multiple, they will all get a "little" bit of juice.
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