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Thread: Buying a domain

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    Buying a domain

    Do you think it is better to buy a brand new domain name or an expired one with some history behind it?

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    Re: Buying a domain

    i believe both have some drawback as for well if its new then no one will know about it and if its old then people may know some bad things about it if it has some bad things associated with it eheheheh

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    Re: Buying a domain

    lot sites are offering new domains for low cost why we have to go with a expired one . make new and enjoy

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    Re: Buying a domain

    Just make sure to do the proper research and used unbiased, third-party tools to help determine whether or not buying a used domain name is worth it.ever ever buy a used .info domain name. they are known to be used most often by spammers. Buy one of these domains used and your chances are much higher of buying a banned domain name versus conventional ones like the .coms or the .nets. and after you get an domain [URL=""]Wildcard SSL[/URL] Certificates are the major thing to go with.

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    Re: Buying a domain

    you can registered domain at hopeful buyers

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    Re: Buying a domain

    yeah, i too agree it's better to buy new domain name instead of going for expired domain.

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    Re: Buying a domain

    According to me both are good to use but i think using expire domain name is beneficial for website. It is really good to get quality of backlink on your site and its also help you to getting good number of traffic on your site that help you to getting high rank on search engine.

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    Re: Buying a domain

    Domain age is the major factor for page ranking.Aged domain name with good visitors ratio gets ranked soon.Whereas for New domain name it takes time to get popular.So my suggestion is to go for old domains with high PR. You can check the domain name age using the site [URL=""][/URL].Domain age can be calculated using creation and expiration date of a domain. You can also know more details of old registrar here.

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    Re: Buying a domain

    In My scenario, Brand New one is the best for all, u can start it for your branding & can get credit to that domain based on your requirement. nice to have brand new.

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    Re: Buying a domain

    Then many people have contacted us asking how to buy domain names that other people ...

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