Apache Installation on Linux

Download and Install Apache 2.2

Download apache from the Apache 2.2 download page.

Look for the section with the phrase "best available version" like "Apache HTTP Server (httpd) 2.2.x is the best available version". At the time of writing this tutorial Apache 2.2.16 is the official best available version.

Click on the link for "httpd-2.2.16.tar.gz" and download the installer.

Once the file is copied to the folder. You need to remote copy the file to the Linux server. There are many tools available to ftp the file. I use winscp, here is the complete guide on how to install and use the winscp on your system.

Once the file is copied on the Linux server (example: /usr/local/install).

1. Use the following command to extract the tar file.

cd /usr/local/install
tar -xzf httpd-2.2.16.tar.gz

A directory will be created "httpd-2.2.16"

2. Now, Let`s execute the configuration script:

cd /usr/local/install/httpd-2.2.16
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/install/apache --enable-mods-shared=all --enable-proxy --enable-expires --enable-vhost-alias

3. The following steps will compile Apache based upon the configuration defined:


4. The following step will install the Apache build:

make install

5. Use the following commands to control the Apache Web Server.

/usr/local/install/apache/bin/apachectl -k stop
/usr/local/install/apache/bin/apachectl -k start

6. Go to the internet browser and try the url http://host:80/.

You should see, It Works!

This means, the Apache webserver installation went successful.

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